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FOX News
Jul 6, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote fortunately jo -- joining us wi the details is anna kooiman. >> this is new research out that says children disciplined with spanking are more likely to have mental issues as an adult. it is studied in the journal "pediatrics" and it analyzed data from a government survey said those pushed, slapped, grabbed shoved by their parents have a higher risk of developing mental health issues ranging from anxiety disorders to drug and alcohol abuse. spanking and other physical punishments have been abolished in 30 nations around the world and the united states and canada are not among them. experts say positive reinforcement and loss of privileges is more effective. >> previous studies talked about severe punishment. this is more mild and modest punishment. another issue we're talking about is women in early stages of their pregnancy may be able to take over the counter pain medication after all. >> big news for expectant mothers who use over the counter
FOX News
Jul 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
% of the people, that's the poll that went up a short while ago while anna was talking, 72% of the people, people believe that people who start small businesses are likely responsible for the success or failure. >> and a true gift to the romney campaign for sure and what we're starting to see in those other swing states, we're starting to see, you know, all sorts of attack ads using barack obama's words, you know, against him and probably continue to do so for the next few months. >> including for the next guest. one of our guests shortly, senator scott brown. coming up straight ahead next on the rundown, i should say, congressional budget office says obamacare will cost less after the supreme court ruling. that might not actually be a good thing. guess who is paying for, stuart varney is here to explain. he always gets here just in time. >> doesn't look happy about it. take a look at this. a freight train slamming into an s.u.v. and it's caught on camera. and you have to hear what happened see that right up there in the spot shadow? look out! [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to pr
FOX News
Jul 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
how anna feels about steve asking me how to stretch his groin. >> i can answer that. >> i don't blame you. it all happened. >> the time now is 6:01 on your wednesday morning. violent scene last night in anaheim, california as hundreds of people rioted for a fourth day following two deadly police shootings. police seen in the video firing rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. she arrested five people after they tried to storm a city council meeting. the street rage began saturday at the scene of a fatal shooting of a 25-year-old described by police as a gang member. he was apparently unarmed. and out to another developing story overnight. a man is dead and a police officer injured after falling into a gorge near niagara falls. this all happening on the canadian side of the falls. the police officer was reportedly chasing the suspect before both of them fell over a retaining wall. the police officer fell about 100 feet. he's now being treated for a broken leg. right now, it's not clear why the officer was chasing the suspect but witnesses did report hearing gunshots shortly before the t
Jul 9, 2012 1:00am PDT
strategist maria cardona and republican strategist anna navarro about it. in remarks wroted by roll call, boehner told the republican audience, the american people probably aren't going to fall in love with mitt romney. 90% of the people that show up to vote in november are going to show up in that voting booth and they are going to vote for or against barack obama. i first asked republican, anna, if that quote worried her. >> it doesn't worry me at all. i think the man is absolutely right. you know, look, the first time you marry for love, the second time you marry for money. you know, we fell in love with barack obama four years ago. this country fell in love with barack obama. the young, charismatic leader. it was all about hope and change. well, four years later we're in cope and wait. unemployment's been at -- over 8% for 41 months. i think people have fallen out of love with barack obama. i don't need to fall in love with mitt romney. i just need for unemployment numbers to fall. if we're looking for love, we can go on if we're looking for a president, it's an entirely d
Jul 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
tonight from nbc's chris jansing. >> reporter: anna has been called the fittest sailor in the world. just after winning a gold medal in beijing, she trained for a half ironman and completed it. on the bone chilling morning in the colorado foothills -- >> this is going to be pure hell. >> reporter: anna is about to go meet her match. >> you guys all look pretty hot. why don't you cool off in the lake. >> reporter: navy s.e.a.l.s, the new coaches for the day, are training them as if the nation's security, not a medal, is depending on it. >> ultimate goal is going to be better teamwork, kind of reset the baseline of what they think their capable of doing. >> reporter: that means hundreds of push-ups after diving into ice cold water. covered in sand, shivering, hoisting a 230 pound log again and again. only 18 of the 42 sailors will make it through the four hours of agony. anna lasted only an hour. >> definitely took you to a new limit. pretty freaking cold. >> reporter: it's a modified version of the s.e.a.l.s legendary training. six weeks of physical and mental torment so rigorous 90% drop
Jul 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
. an adoptee, hefrance, nine >> we>> he whose lived society. as adoptees are anna jong, unprecedented raine . mori. >> hi japan. the brunt of it. hour andented heavy rain in millimetr has fallen. breaking relentless to evacuate. rivers have surpassed the flat leve b iu. again, really rainfall recordta very, very well and more than 100le acrossare p. so very stormy conditions hrough the the country today.c. system. thunderstorms and gusty wind in the whole of the koreanthe amer. we have a low-pressure system. and france producing stormy weather in 4 hours. to the south. all right, temperaturewise. a heat wave is blanketing much of the up to 32 city.xpected in >>> that's all fortokyo.
Jul 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
a hundred years ago on july 14, 1912, we will speak with his daughter nora guthrie and granddaughter anna canoni, and be joined by woody guthrie- inspired musician, steve earle. >> woody is 100 years old. he invented my job. i am grateful for that. i have a job. there's a lot of people that cannot say that right now. this is music for times exactly like these. happy birthday, woody. >> legendary folk singer pete seeger. >> woody took over and entranced everybody, not just with singing but storytelling. >> i come from oklahoma. u.s. and will? go down in the ground and the some oil. if you want lead, go down and get some lead. if you want coal, we have: oklahoma. if you want food, clothes, grocers, just go in the hole and stay there. >> happy one of your birth date, woody guthrie. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. republican presidential candidate mitt romney faced an icy reception wednesday as he addressed the annual convention of the naacp. romney drew boos from the crowd when he vowed to repeal president
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 12:00am PDT
news correspondent anna korman. bonnie mcfarland. and you can catch him on broadway. steven, die-hard the musical. victor roberts. heaven help us, new york times correspondent. don't believe in heaven and this weekend sunday review. investigates the question. can they let us off the hook by our behavior. my favorite is a giraffe. you shall confusing the word with anomaly with the word animal. my favorite animal is lion. i thought you just said giraffe. i'm an intern. >> andrew. >> can we get both of you out of here? >> we have to work over that over the weekend. >> these definitive words about eating their birds, he has weighed on the chick-fil-a saying he doesn't care about the company's stance on gay marriages. it's one of the most viral videos, it was produced during a local tv interview. we can't show you the original. here is it re-creating on a red carpet. he got that famous. >> obviously we have a linkin park, she snatching you people up. hide your kids, hide your wife e they are ripping off everybody here. >> and openly gay, said about the chick-fil-a hullaboo. >> i think
Jul 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
andint. >> host: phillip in san diego, go ahead with your question for anna quindlen. philu l u al y m in fheit, d soa cte m opinionated than other people. for instance, if alexander hamilton were alive today, he'd justay tgr j t det orabt. w,heopul s that won't work because whereas an east coaster would say, look, politicians knowow t d an tayen s pael that's a half a million words. >> host: thank you, phillip. and we will move on to b edap-- ar rapids, iowa. hi, becky. becky, you with us? we're hang just a little trble, if cl treickin l el co i sp"tewk mesouefiv significant other. as such, are you capable of critical thought of the times? i'm a consertive who read the a section and the op-ed daily no lrn strtilecely otpoofw ke aerntew that's frankoyce in virginia >> guest: um, i don't agree with him about the news columns. i think that no one should be pafe yomeo to lilid t i saying to an earlier caller, that doesn't call out for not reading "the new york times," it calls out ti heewernor zite ea i tt tno as many sides of any given issue as we can. so, for example, on any given ni
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 3:00am EDT
was bounced by a tweet because she is bitter and upset. she calls it discipline anna. it's a highly excessive. kicked up trouble ahser tweeting so many africans in greece and west nile mosquitoes will at least eat the food. michael has a front row seat. i want to remind you at home there is bit of delay. mi he are you there? >> hold , greg, i'm. >> andy: it's andy actually. what can you tell us about the opening ceremonies? >> hold , greg, the opening ceremonies it's really electric out here. >> andy: and i understand that paul mccartney and james bond were there? >> yes, greg, there is a lot of crazy things happening at these opening ceremonies. you just got to be here. >> andy: still andy mike, do you have any pictures from the ceremony? >> that's it from london, be yk to you, greg. >> andy: paying for his trip probably wasn't worth it. not good at all. victor, first of all congratulations on england getting start with a bang. >> enot and's treasure, it isivpired me to get into show business. we shared a lot. >> you've been here too lon the >> we shared a flat for some time and a lot of wha
Jul 7, 2012 2:00am EDT
. and we are back live at our new york studio with author anna quindlen. nine nonfiction oks,si ob onnehi t ue ,ess, s eas o. we have about an hour left with our guest. put e phone numbers up on the screen in case you would likeo call thisandta wh quen cutlnot ic -otfin. t. yove api anything about it? >> guest: no, it's still kind of mushy in that way. i'm about 70 or 80 pages in, and exy igotoben ryw ,m,nu'wh bot le he >> host: um, doou when you are writing a book, do you, do you change it? ll itha tgh plhainr hghe gst: tual, you lear the plot as the characters develop. what usually happens with me and from reading the memoirs of ot i k eiters know wie ant noto much keeping that dramatic string taut rough the middle, but -- which is, in fact,nis--s at hnsho gm , kn thhe arerur fft rtes. with a novel there are even more than that. so it's, it's those choices you make along the way that you don't tipateil're i too tyo h t- f bay yard pigeon in oregon, had great hopes that the success of the feminist movements would make society and epecially the workacreum t akirntt ad ntrenwe n. , yindot h
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
across the western u.s. now, the southwest is dealing with heavy downpours. fox news correspondent anna coinman takes a look at extreme weather around the country. >> summer time and that feeling is not usual. the folks outside of sacramento, california, flowing from the still burning robber's wildfire and about some firefighter. >> doubled the resource request to get more engines on the road. >> about 800 acres burned up and almost two hundred homes are threatened. the dry weather stretching across to the midwest and to parts of wisconsin. water bans are in place but can be hefty fines. >> $490. >> the drought directly affecting crop fields for farmers who said this is the worst drought the state has seen in a decade n. texas, they're having the opposite problem. >> and this is incredible. a week's worth of rain. >> the rain is refusing to let up around houston, trees are down and streets flooded, bayous are overflowing. the rise of water is a growing concern for home owners. >> and that is -- and so far, we're okay. and down the street. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy rain whic
Jul 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
tenure at bain capital. but as anna kooiman explains... the president is making it clear... there's no ppology on the way. way. the obama campaign, looking for answers over whether mitt romney was aa the helm of the private equity firm when it sent jobs overseas. when it comes to mitt romney's period of time from 19--9 to 2001, is in question. that's the time whennromney steeped in to run the olympics ... ut was also listed as the áheadd of the firm.gillespie says: "e wws on leave / he wws still ceo and had shares put he wasn't responsible for management and that's the bottom line." the deputy campaign manager who prompted &pdefendinggher comments... she said any misrepresentation offa signature tt the s-e-c -- ámight beá a felony.cutter says: "ii he wasn't the head of it, who was? the simple point is f you're telling the ssc that you're in charge but you'reetelling the americaa people thaa you bear no responsibility, one of ttose things is not true." mitt romney, looking for "signature-gate" -- not president, saying (quote)... (fs) "no, we will not apologize...i think
Jul 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and journalist anna abso p andtheulitzer wrten ic b, udlingut loud", "being perfect," and "lots ofley candles, plty oca: a memoir." this is three hours. oshatasoufiim t newk ts?st i w g assignment reporter which was a all i wanted to be.. you go and in the morning about ten, 1030. nepeurdesoporng person. urondait l bo found in a house in a queens, cops think it might be drug-related or something.hing they have shut down kennedy because of a bomb scare.caus you get on the s a t urotk yo. dbehe intew tewk s n 24i kept sayinghat.ep s top editors would say, well,ou s what do you want to do? would say, i want to be a w nel gnepor thlday n i do yvellnt t fstoues idnto been assignment reporter. finally realize that was not the right answer at the new york times, so i started saying a ed it bnhe bgthenureau le i d s gly >> what was your path? where else did you work? >> guest: i was a general assignment reporr for a number itameaes. out amee t h te, but not necessarily a serious hard news reporter.s i realize that if i wasoing to make my tay through the paper to nv tth co tsosk d gitl h ve t f trs
Jul 21, 2012 11:30pm PDT
aurora y les diremos donde unos expertos presentaron el daikir gigante. ♪ cartas a juan [ juan ] anna dice, "querido juan... honey nut cheerios es mi cereal favorito." ana, es el favorito de los estados unidos. "¿juan, me puedes dedicar una cucharada?" pruébalo y hazlo tu favorito también. . >> ¿quién dijo que a las nueve de la mañana era temprano para tomar un coktail?. >> se realiza el daikiri más grande de la ciudad, fue en un copa gigante, con unos 270 litros de alcohol alcanzan los "guinness world records". ,>> así que salud pero si toma, no conduzca, mañana los esperamos con más. >>
Jul 19, 2012 7:30am EDT
. i'm anna jung for nhk wo in seoul. >>> an vere. >> the tropical storm that we've been monitoring t cal korean rs north kore heavy rain umidity up from the south. and that's clou that's of particular concern because kyushu and shikoku h that led to an continue to be depression east of system. for now it's really helping to ross the philippines. in ter last several days. we're starting to see some cold northeast. mongolia. they're also sending the japan by 10 hokkaido. ere into friday. stay above average for much of central and down into southern japan. all right, let's take a look at north america and
Jul 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>> pelley: tonight, it's now the biggest drought in more than half a century. anna werner reports the dry weather covers more than half the continental united states. >> we've never seen a drought like this. >> pelley: the international red cross declares the conflict in syria a civil war. >> there's no doubt in my mind that this regime is at the beginning of what will be a painful end. >> pelley: mark rhett brennen talks to secretary of state clinton. as the first athletes arrive for the olympics, elizabeth palmer reports the british are struggling with security. and dean reynolds on the lives left in ruins in a town that put its hope in the man they called the midwest madoff. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, we haven't seen anything like this in more than 55 years. across the middle of the country the sun is beating down on dying crop and shrinking lakes. we got word in the newsroom today from the federal government that more than half of the continental united states 55%, is now experiencing moderate to excep
Jul 14, 2012 7:00pm PDT
thing we have to being in the white house. >> here to talk about this race for the races, anna navaro and frederick harris, he's director of the center on african-american politics and society. anna, let's start with you, because we all know right now, we have heard bits of mitt romney addressing the naacp this week. there were times when she was cheered and applauded and there were times when he was booed like when he said he wanted to repeal obama care. but there was one thing that stood out. take a quick listen to this. >> i believe that if you understood who i truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what i believe is in the real enduring best interests of african-american families, you would vote for me for president. >> all right, anna, why doesn't he just tell them? he's saying if you can understand what's in my heart then you would vote for me, and i would be the best candidate for you. why can't he just tell them? >> that's a good question, i think mitt romney has a problem emoating and i think we all need to hear more about what's in his hard. but i
FOX News
Jul 25, 2012 3:00am EDT
. >>> none dare call it conspiracy except anna gilligan who is a conspiracy of beauty. would it be safer for everyone if prostitution was legal and regulated? >> i think so. i think we are not paying attention to what they are trying to say here which is, yes, iv drug users and prostitutes are at a higher risk of contracting hiv. but because their behavior is illegal they don't have access to the help they need to prevent it and get treatment. the result is they are spreading it further. we should put ideology aside and look at it from a purr help perspective. it is not helping anyone if they continue to spread it. if you are going to get funding from the u.s. to work on aids, you have to sign an anti-prostitution pledge which keeps a lot of organizations pr around the world from taking money from us. the result is people don't get the help they need. the reality is they do have to help people in these situations. >> somebody who does have experience with this, bill, the wealthy older men who pay you to play chess in your underwear. does it ever go any further? >> they did. after i hit 3
Jul 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
ces ptyof cake." >> host: anna quindlen's nonfiction career to date, living out loud, 1988. hoadhayfeoutoud,9 . 00rtuio a "lancl c out in 2004. imagined london in 2004 as well. "being perfect" in 2005. od,y w w cautn20i pam thve sat " dlle of cake," just published by our guest for the last three hours, anna indlen. thank you for doing booktv and "ine" >>sts g. o >> o favorite drugs to talk about is this the dopamine, which is maybe half of cows ad this is r tg ern mmo y. t atla r is given when a blk on the killing floor. that is meant when they fall ca tlostacine dug in thearddd america. oes bshme st aonpd cotede 3in ai h ommse committees. he answered questions on the european debt crisis. the in the week he rejected calls to the referendum on brain's europeanui. wokwao ngyu a i possible -- if it is so will haveo suspend a meeting for 15minu htola i e ifes. s iesppen. but to subject today. first of three euros on the u.k. re.the second a civ cuspehes s. soinu q o, eoe that three morsel logic of the currency means the uris may be closer ecnomic and historicit out te
Jul 5, 2012 10:30pm EDT
.s. and it focused on women as its faculty and student body. here i draw on the wonderful work of sally shwager, anna tickner was the daughter of privilege. she was the sister of charles william elliott. harvard's president beginning in 1869. anna tickner decided to act and in 1873 with her mother, called together a group of women to form the society to encourage study at home. many women with both harvard and civic connections including elizabeth agasy, were associated with the society, as supporters and teachers and division heads. the goal was to educate those girls unable to attend college due to a lack of money or to domestic duties. a secondary goal was to provide as shwager put it, an outlet for the instructors for their own goals and social needs. this society began small but within two years had 20 had 213 students. from 24 states and canada. at its peak, over 1,000 students were enrolled. the reading came from harvard courses and the work required monthly written reports. that included abstracts and essays, and memory notes. alice james was one of the students, the sister of william and hen
Jul 7, 2012 10:30am EDT
and student body. here i draw on the wonderful work of sally. anna was thees tense of privilege as the daughter of george ticner, harvard's first professor of modern languages, and anna elliott ticner, the sister of charles william elliott. many women with both harvard and civic connections including elizabeth kerry agassi became associated with the society as such porters, teachers, and division heads. the goal was to educate those girls unable to attend college due to a lack of money or to domestic duties. a secondary goal was to provide, as shwager put it, an outlet for the instructors for their own scholarly ambitions and social needs. each teacher provided assignments and corresponded monthly with students. this society began small, but within two years had 20 -- had 213 students from 24 states and canada. at its peak, in the early 1880s, over 1,000 students were enrolled. the reading came from harvard courses and the work required monthly written reports that included memory notes, abstracts, and essays. alice james was one of the students, the sister of william and henry.
FOX News
Jul 21, 2012 11:30am PDT
the stories of their loved ones who were killed early friday and in new york city with more. hi, anna. >> hey, rick, we're learning the itemedties of the victims killed. six-year-old veronica moser is dead. and her mother is in critical condition with a bullet in the throat and abdomen. and petty officer larimer is among the dead and notification, contacted his family last night. and alex sullivan, a husband, brother, and son, also killed. and alex planned to ring in his 27th birthday at the movie and celebrate his first wedding anniversary on sunday. and 24-year-old jessica t ghawi wrote about surviving a shooting in canada and then shoe the in the head. >> jessica was spontaneous, funny, willing to take a road trip, great dancer and funny girl one of the sweetest people you've ever met. but for all the tragedy, there are stories of survival, and victims, in multiple hospitals around the area and family and friends continue to deal with this tragedy. a hospital spokesperson at the medical center of aurora says there are assisting seven patients there, three on the trauma floor and four in in
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 7:30am PDT
chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm anna kooiman, from the olympics to the middle east, governor mitt romney is headed to israel, expected to meet with several leaders, including prime minister benjamin netanyahu, romney is visiting israel as part after three nation foreign tour that includes britain and poland and analysts say this could help boost his credentials to direct u.s. national security and diplomacy. we're learning more details about the mass murder suspect behind colorado's movie theater massacre, new court papers showing james holmes was a patient of university of colorado psychiatrist before last week's attack. the same doctor that received a package from holmes that was seized by police after a search warrant. holmes is claiming he has amnesia and doesn't remember the attacks that killed 12 and injured more than 50 others. i'm anna kooiman, now back to cavuto on business. >> welcome back, never mind the savings, just look at the hiking. the congressional budget office saying that the president's health care law with small
Jul 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
learning. if they fail, they have to leave the country. nhk world reports. >> reporter: anna katarina came here from the philippines two years ago hoping to get a japanese nursing license. previously she worked in saudi arabia. even though she is a professional nurse, she had to do mundane tasks here until she acquired japanese credentials. anna passed her exam on her second try in march. now she performs vital tests susk as giving patients i.v.s and changing catheters. >> translator: i want to learn advanced medical techniques while i work as a nurse in japan. one day i hope to return to the philippines and pass on japanese methods. >> earlier, yuko aotani spoke to the reporter who filed the report. >> how great a challenge is it for these nurses to qualify? >> well, it's very, very difficult. this year, just 11% of the known japanese candidates, 47 in all, passed the test. the number of non-japanese who succeeded actually rose by 7% over the year before. one major obstacle for foreigners is having to learn japanese. we followed ana to see how she passed the exam despite the hurdles. ana
Jul 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
canyon fire, now in its second week. here's anna werner. >> reporter: hines of cars lined up sunday as some residents were allowinged baing into neighborhoods badly damaged by the fire for the first time. doug gibson can't move back into his house yet. but it is still standing. >> you were lucky. >> very. >> reporter: when did you learn that? >> probably after i saw the denver post's pictures and i could actually see our house. but our neighbors house next to me was burned down. but many of the other homes that are close by were still in perspect-- perfect shape. >> reporter: others found their homes in ashes. the intense flames obliterating almost 350 homes. and though the fire is 45 percent contained and hasn't spread in three days, danger remains. fire officials tell cbs news conditions now are similar to use when the fire raged out of control. that's the reason roughly 10,000 people remain evacuated. down from 30,000 at the height of the fire. >> he's happy to be home. >> reporter: some who have returned home found property missing. linda burton's car was stolen from in front of
Jul 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
be made. i feel the weight of keeping people like anna and matt working in uncertain times. i've volunteered as a teacher and i go there to teach life skills and provide hope. i greet the eager faces there. it pains me because i want to give them jobs. it takes projects like this to do that. for 21 years, i have been on the board of directors. we support the clinic because the generous support that we were given, the free use of their facilities, and access to their doctors, and we provide surgery's free of charge to the most vulnerable people in our community. it pains me when i hear the demonizing of the charity care and the high-quality care at that they provide for free. they are a part of the common good. why are construction workers considered transient? we are permanent members of this community. we wake up every day to find a place to go to work. this is our factory. my understanding there is only one party appealing this eir. on behalf of so many people that want it to go forward. give us a hand. help us to move this forward. >> president chiu, my name is -- i am the
Jul 2, 2012 3:30pm PDT
names. [calling names] eden long or lang. thomas simpson, vinnie aurora, jerome france, and anna saints. >> hello. my name is javier. i am a business with the laborers. this is one of the most important projects. i do not have to tell you how bad it has been for us, and in the last two or three years. to approve this kind of project, it is a matter of survival, not only for the laborers but for the union. by approving this project, it is going to help our members, community, and also the population. we need a hospital. for us as the laborers, it is a total package. it is not only going to produce work, manpower, it is a center because it provides service for about 60% to 70% of our members. i am going to leave you with this. and i believe there is something. there is a solution for every problem. i encourage you to find a solution. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you, mr. florence. next speaker. >> good evening, everyone. my name is ignacio, and i work with local 261, san francisco. with more than 3000 members, , -- workers, men and women, who are waiting for this project to be approve
Jul 5, 2012 7:30am EDT
to conserve energy, builders are looking at putting extra technologies into home. nhk's anna jong reports. >> i am in the latest version of a smart home on the market since last march. the builder has installed an electric touch pad with a touch of the button, it can control lights, gas and heat. the system also has home security functions. an alarm will sound if it detects an intruder. just like this. the entry way has a magic mirror. when you leave the house -- the mirror says it's going to rain today, please bring an umbrella. you can leave home with the latest forecast and temperature and with the numbers here, you can find your parking spot. because the whole system is connected to the internet. all south korean homebuilders are paying close attention to the latest it technology. at this condominium complex, residents can use their smart phones to link to their home networks. with a smart phone, you can contl light switches and even fill the bathtub with hot water. she has lived here for two years. she says, this gadgets mean she doesn't waste as much electricity as before. >> transl
Jul 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
cravings while pregnant? >> i mean a million but ice cream was not one. >> air anna is all over -- air anna -- arianna is all over ice cream she wants rocky road. >> get on the app. >> we will see if we come with up recipes. >> it's good eye crease weather right? >> it is. especially as we head into the weekend. you will die for some ice cream. i will show outsetup in a second. but for now, temperatures coming in at 70 in baltimore. so we are on the warm side this morning. close to a 80 in d.c. we are at 67 in joshing and 73 in hagerstown. why? we have clouds out there so you know when you have the clouds -- york and 73 in hagerstown. why? we have clouds out there so you know when you have the clouds we have haze. we are possibly going to have this move into our area if it make it over the mountains. i am not going to rule out a shower and possibly this afternoon. but here's the weather pattern. so once again we still have the stationary boundary sitting out there to the south of us. but also we have the area of high pressure out into the atlantic ushering in a nice flow of moisture. so wit
Jul 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
about it with two sitting contributors, maria cardona and anna navarro. do you guys ever sleep? >> we're doing our job, don. >> here's what boehner said. the american people probably aren't going to fall in love with mitt romney. 95% of the people what show up to vote in november are going to show up in that voting booth and vote for or against barack obama. anna. ever heard the speaker of the house say that about his party's nominee? does that worry you at all? >> it doesn't worry me at all. i think the man is absolutely right. and you know, the first time you marry for love, the second time you marry for money. we fell in love with barack obama four years ago. this country fell in love with barack obama. the young, charismatic leader. four years later, we're no hope and wait. unemployment's been at over 8% for over 41 months. i don't need to fall no love with mitt romney. i just need for unemployment numbers to fall. if we're looking for love, we can go on for a president, it's an entirely different thing. >> i think the concern is passion with actually going to the voting
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Jul 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, it is time for a company to actually hand over data. >>shepard: you know, anna anna-sigga is with us, and mercedes is here, and there was always analogy on 9/11 someone just, boom, hit pendulum at the bottom of the clock and it has been swinging back and forth with great flow for a long time and right now we are at a place they are trampling on our liberties and freedom and they thing in the name of "security," they can do any damn thing they want. they can feel us up. tap or phones. fly drones over the house. people are worried about big government, they say, but no one complains about this stuff. it is insanity. >> absolute power corrupts absolutely. that is what we have. there is a reason why there is a separation of powers. the executive branch. the legislative branch. and the judiciary branch. they are the watch dog. if this court order is unreasonable, the court can step in and say you are not going to comply with nsl phone call, it is not permissible under the law. they are the watch dog. this law in particular is constraining the watch dog. >>shepard: we want them to get the
Jul 16, 2012 10:00pm EDT
in a spotsylvania county lake. two sisters are seriously hurt. >> it happened at lake anna sunday morning. tonight the girls are out of the hospital, but doctors fear they could have rabies. >> fox 5's maureen umeh is back from the scene tonight. what happened out there? >> it is extremely rare for a beaver to attack a human. when it does happen, the animal is usually rabid. that's why the girls' mother is talking about the attack to help warn others about the danger. >> reporter: with a little help from mom 8-year-old annabelle la radnovich is slowly able to get around the house, but it hasn't been easy. >> the pain is the most i've ever been through. >> reporter: little annabelle and her little sister were attacked by a beaver monday morning. it happened while they were swimming with other family members in lake anna. >> i thought my cousin samantha was going to trick me and then it bit my sister and she tried to push it away and she was screaming and i tried to get out of lake and it kept coming on me and i tried to get out again and it bit my leg. >> reporter: the 65-pound beaver left the t
Jul 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. anna werner reports. what's behind this extreme weather? wyatt andrews says a government study out today names the culprit. and david martin on the unbelievable mountains of paper that stand between wounded veterans and their benefits. >> you're surrounded by paper. >> i am. i am. this is my daily life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. if you go to the official website for scranton, pennsylvania, you will find this boast: "the future is here." well, city workers hope not because their pay has just been slashed to minimum wage. scranton is just one of many cities struggling to recover from the great recession. american cities have seen their revenues decline for five straight years. 72% of them are making personnel cuts. it is a problem most everywhere so we have reports from east coast to west. firt, elaine quijano in scranton. elaine? >> reporter: well, scott, when public union workers opened their paychecks here last friday they were shocked to see just how small those checks were. now they're wondering what's
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